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To order a paperback copy, please reach out to the author directly at Please include your name and mailing address for the invoice, and also indicate if you would like the book signed and who it should be signed to, if not you. Thank you!

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PRICE: $8.00

Kissing Strangers is a collection of short stories exploring the complicated relationships of Brittain, Darren, and Heidi. When Kenneth proposed to Brittain, she said I do without hesitation. He was her ideal guy, and she would’ve probably always felt that way, if she had never met his wife. Darren loves Trish with all of his heart, but nothing he does is enough for her. The same day he decides to take action in rebuilding his marriage, he realizes his wife is doing more than giving up on their marriage. She’s stepping out on it all together. Heidi’s had enough of her husband Patrick, and she’s devised a plan to pack up that part of her life. But closing that chapter proves to be difficult when she finds out her husband’s involved in something far worse than an affair.

Bells Will Be Ringin': A Hilson Family Christmas Novella

PRICE: $8.00

There’s no place like home for the holidays—unless your inability to mind your own business creates a strain in your family. Harper Hilson has good intentions, but last year her over-protective persona was not the gift her siblings hoped to receive. Last Christmas, Harper managed to ruin a lucrative business deal for her sister, Wesleigh and destroyed her brother, Donovan’s relationship with his one true love. This year she’s determined to make amends.

 As much as she seeks to have a harmonious holiday with her family, that small mission is growing to be more difficult each day as unresolved drama from Christmas past takes on new twist and turns that even Harper couldn’t have predicted. She will have to decide if she should intervene on her sibling’s behalf or wait and see how the drama unfolds.

Author Michelle Mitchell


PRICE: $12.00

On the very day she loses her job, Ansley Wright meets Davis Montclair, a man she finds irresistible. She falls easily for his handsome looks, smooth words, and silken touch. Distracted by her feelings for Davis, Ansley ignores the warning bells going off in her head.


Davis is charming, seductive, and tantalizing; a well-dressed Adonis used to getting his way, but behind those alluring eyes is a man weighed down by the burden of a troubled past. Although he genuinely cares for Ansley, Davis finds that old habits die-hard and himself on a familiar path.


Just as Ansley and Davis settle into their blossoming relationship, sins from his past return like an old mistress out for revenge, igniting the flames of tragedy, which threaten to engulf them both. 



PRICE: $15.00


Simeon doesn’t want her life’s story to end with her being known as a murderer. She wants to start a new chapter—but the road to redemption won’t be easy. Death threats, physical attempts on her life, and the sudden emergence of a stranger who looks like the man she killed all serve as a haunting reminder that no one has forgotten and someone won’t be satisfied until she’s gone.


Who wants Simeon dead? Her personal assistant, who seems to always be around when there’s trouble or someone from her victim’s family? The attacks could be coming from anyone. Fearing for her sanity and her life, she has no choice but to dig up her victim’s past to discover who wants her dead.

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